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Al-Haadi was established in 1998 under the leadership of Br. Iftikhar Haider with the aim of providing a permanent venue for the followers of Fiqh e Ja’afaria where they can celebrate; commemorate all important events in the Islamic calendar. Since its inception Al-Haadi has been providing support to the migrants, overseas students in their social well-being, cultural interaction and any other crisis demanding community support. Since 2001 Al-Haadi has provided considerable support to the refugees in their settlement in the Australian Capital Territory.It is worth noting that Al-Haadi has the distinction of being the first Centre for the followers of Fiqh e Ja’faria in 100 year history of Canberra. 

The Mission

The primary mission of Al-Haadi is to present Islam in its true form with a focus on peace for all mankind. Interfaith harmony is a major component of the message of peace in Islam and Al-Haadi community will always strive in promoting this message of Islam in Canberra and beyond.