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This week's program

  • Wiladat Imam Ali A.S. & Wiladat Imam Muhammad Taqi A.S. will In-Sha-Allah be celebrated on Sunday 17 March at 4:00pm at Al-haadi centre.
    The celebration will commence with kids activities, including jumping castle. Sausage sizzles will be provided. Celebration program will commence from 6pm and will include poetry, lecture in English and (as per our usual tradition on this occasion), quizzes and prizes for our children and youth. Families are encouraged to support their children in researching and preparing answers for the questions:

    • When was Imam Ali Born?
    • Where was Imam Ali Born?
    • Who was Imam Ali's first wife?
    • Who is Imam Ali's mother?
    • Which was the only battle that Imam Ali did not participate in?
    • When was Imam Ali elected as the 4th Caliph (leader of Momeneen) (Day, Month and Year)?
    • What was the slogan of Imam Ali during the battle of Jamal?
    • Who did Imam Ali face on the battle of Badr?
    • What is Imam Ali’s sister’s name?
    • During which battle did prophet Mohammad say "The whole Islam (or iman (faith)) has confronted the whole Kufr (or Shirk)”?
    • Who wrote the book of Ghadir?
    • Who was the leader of the infidels that Imam Ali killed during the battle of Hunain?
    • In which occasion was the following verse revealed, “Among men, there are those who sacrifice their lives to seek Allah's pleasure (Surah al-Baqarah, 2:207)”?
    • Who did Imam Ali send to negotiate and have a dialog with Khawarij?
  • Dua Komail will be held every Thursday night sharp after Maghrib Salaat for Brothers and Sisters at Al-haadi centre.


  • 1 Hyland Place, Wanniassa 2903 ACT