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This week's program

  • We at Al-Haadi wish you and your family the best of greetings at the start of this blessed month of Ramadan. With the start of this holy month, we are also excited to announce the reopening of the centre. The first program will be on Friday 16 April at 7:30pm and the details are as follows:

    7:30: arrival and Quran recitation by children
    7:40: Dua Iftitah
    8:00: Lecture by Br. Abu Musa
    8:45: Light refreshments

    Please be advised, we require you to respect the rules around social distancing and follow COVID safe practices. Therefore, on arrival we ask that every individual sign in through the COVID safe app, you will find the QR Code to do this at the entrance of both the ladies section and the men’s side as well. Further to this, please also be aware that at the current moment, we will NOT be providing Iftaar at the centre. 

    To transition back to regular programs at Al-Haadi we ask for your cooperation, if you require any assistance, or you have any concerns please do not hesitate to ask the numerous helpers around, or contact Al-Haadi management.

    We look forward to seeing you back at Al-Haadi. A quick reminder of previous correspondence, the programs will be centred around the youth and it will be the first ever program that will be run and organised by young children and the youth of our community, we hope you see the enormous benefit in this initiative In-Sha-Allah.


  • 1 Hyland Place, Wanniassa 2903 ACT