Salaat(Prayer) Timetable for Canberra (Australia)

  • Daylight saving time is used.
  • Although all efforts are made to ensure accuracy of salaat times, please allow at least 5 minutes Ehtiaat.


DayImsak امساکDawn صبحSunrise طلوعNoon ظهرMaghrib مغرب
14:50 AM4:59 AM6:24 AM12:03 PM6:02 PM
24:48 AM4:58 AM6:22 AM12:03 PM6:02 PM
34:47 AM4:56 AM6:21 AM12:02 PM6:03 PM
44:46 AM4:54 AM6:20 AM12:02 PM6:04 PM
54:44 AM4:54 AM6:18 AM12:02 PM6:04 PM
64:43 AM4:53 AM6:16 AM12:01 PM6:05 PM
74:41 AM4:52 AM6:16 AM12:01 PM6:06 PM
84:40 AM4:50 AM6:15 AM12:01 PM6:06 PM
94:38 AM4:49 AM6:13 AM12:00 PM6:06 PM
104:37 AM4:48 AM6:12 AM12:00 PM6:08 PM
114:34 AM4:46 AM6:10 AM12:00 PM6:09 PM
124:34 AM4:44 AM6:09 AM11:59 AM6:10 PM
134:33 AM4:43 AM6:08 AM11:59 AM6:10 PM
144:31 AM4:42 AM6:06 AM11:59 AM6:11 PM
154:29 AM4:40 AM6:04 AM11:59 AM6:12 PM
164:28 AM4:39 AM6:03 AM11:58 AM6:13 PM
174:27 AM4:37 AM6:02 AM11:58 AM6:13 PM
184:24 AM4:34 AM6:00 AM11:58 AM6:14 PM
194:23 AM4:34 AM5:58 AM11:57 AM6:15 PM
204:22 AM4:32 AM5:57 AM11:57 AM6:16 PM
214:21 AM4:31 AM5:55 AM11:57 AM6:16 PM
224:19 AM4:29 AM5:54 AM11:57 AM6:16 PM
234:17 AM4:28 AM5:52 AM11:56 AM6:18 PM
244:16 AM4:26 AM5:51 AM11:56 AM6:19 PM
254:14 AM4:24 AM5:50 AM11:56 AM6:20 PM
264:13 AM4:23 AM5:48 AM11:55 AM6:21 PM
274:11 AM4:21 AM5:47 AM11:55 AM6:21 PM
284:10 AM4:20 AM5:45 AM11:54 AM6:22 PM
294:08 AM4:18 AM5:44 AM11:54 AM6:23 PM
304:07 AM4:17 AM5:43 AM11:53 AM6:24 PM

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